“The butterfly is a symbol of Transformation. It wraps itself into
a safe cocoon, but eventually it needs to experience the struggle of bursting out.
Otherwise, it cannot develop enough strength in its wings to fly away.
Like the butterfly, we are capable of creating Transformation in our lives with
Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.”

Allow It


• Anxiety & Stress

• Spiritual guidance (for all religions/beliefs)

• Palliative Care (support for both client and caregiver)

• Grief and Loss counselling

Believe It


Learn simple techniques to:
• Discover what you really want in life your passion

• Improve relationships with yourself and others

• Get unstuck and moving through barriers

• Allow yourself to forgive and let go

Create It

Therapy Options:

• Private face-to-face sessions

• Skype or telephone sessions

• Information sessions

• Group sessions on specific topics, i.e. grief,anxiety, depression, etc.

• Workshops

Free 30-minute consultation to new clients
• All sessions and consultations are strictly confidential
• Communication in French or English